We have a purpose built Archery range that is available all year round, weather permitting.


The range is mainly enclosed but offers a good view from the waiting area for observers and participants waiting for their turn.


  • 5 Fixed position target stands20161005_112942
  • Right and left handed equipment available
  • Seating available within waiting area
  • Full equipment provided including arm guards
  • Available 24 hours a day, lighting installed
  • Paper targets and balloon style targets available



Qualified Instructors are available if booked in advance, or if you have suitably qualified members of your own team, we can make the range and equipment available to them. Qualifications will need to be seen in advance of using the range.



Archery can be provided all year round, the range is open to the elements, rather damp in the rain but lovely in the sunshine.

Our activities can be hired individually or as part of a package for any type of event.

For booking enquiries please get in contact. For the current Activities price list please visit our Downloads section.



The archery range is due improvement works, the features listed above will always  be available as a minimum, extra features may be found at events.