Tunnel System

Our man made tunnel system has proved very popular with all youth age groups, it is a woodworking concept thought of by one of the volunteers. It is very popular and is being developed constantly with the addition of new tunnels and obstacles.



The tunnel system offers a different challenge within a dry environment.


  • Built within an enclosed area, not exposed to the weather
  • Sheltered area available for changing footwear and safety equipment
  • Safety equipment provided with torches/headlamps
  • Three tunnel length options available
  • Three floors of tunnels, go up and down as well as in various directions
  • Self supervised activity, make it as challenging as you want with team games
  • Lighting available within the tunnel system communal area
  • Emergency lighting installed within the tunnels for the less sure participants
  • Various exit points for a quick exit if required
  • Slopes, ladders and steps with various obstacles
  • Available 24 hours a day, sheltered environment with lighting



The tunnel system can be used all year round, the enclsoed area ensures the activity can continue in poor weather, the activity is accessed from outside areas but contained under suitable shelter. In poor weather conditions it is adviced to bring alternative footwear that can be used within the tunnels.

Our activities can be hired individually or as part of a package for any event type.

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